Date: November 20-30, 2021.

Location: Dnipro / online.


Imaginary City is a networking residence aimed at strengthening cooperation between local experts and professionals in the cultural field from other regions. For 10 days, the participants had an opportunity to work with the historical, cultural and social contexts of Dnipro: invite local communities for a dialogue, develop ideas for future projects with local institutions, intervene in the city and test theoretical methods in practice.


The Imaginary City program is open to new approaches, visions and collaborations. Through communication at different levels with experts from various cultural and artistic backgrounds, the organizers seek to expand the field of public discourse on the city of Dnipro and deepen the knowledge of its meanings; look from the outside at the city, its past, present and potential future. By comparing historical contexts with current circumstances and the local with the global, participants designed the diversity of further transformations. The cultural projects, developed by the participants of the residency, will be presented publicly and implemented in Dnipro in 2022-2023.


We invite the participants of the residency to imagine the city as it could become in the future, based on their own experience and interaction with local artifacts. And not just to imagine, but to help implement these assumptions via specific cultural practices, dialogue and interaction with local organizations and communities. 


The program is implemented within Dnipro Contemporary project together with the Artsvit Gallery with the support of the Department of Humanitarian Policy of Dnipro City Council and the Capital of Culture program.