Civic Media Lab

Date: 2016 – 2017.

Location: Dnipro.


Civic Media Lab is a transregional network of professionals and activists from the EU and former USSR countries focusing on creating unconventional dialogue and stimulating long-term collaborations between artists and activists interested in contributing to the civil society in Ukraine and the countries of the Eastern Partnership.

CML organizers find it important to cover new problems and engage newest curatorship, artistic and activist practices shaping the conceptual framework. CML’s main focus in 2016 was the public space and artistic practices in various urban conditions; 2017 was dedicated to alternative artistic techniques of highlighting social issues and trying out new non-art locations for free expression. The topics brought up included freedom of speech, collective memory and cultural heritage, silencing of and disengagement from the theme of military conflicts, LGBT rights and feminism. Many projects dealt with the past and its influence on the present.


Participants: Lena Chen, Ganna Shapiro, Sabia Khan, SHVEMY Sewing Cooperative (Maria Lukianova, Antonina Melnyk, Ganna Tereshkina), Mykola Ridnyi, Olexander Ieltsyn, Andreas Ulrich and Arman Tadevosyan, Olga Sosnovska, Roman Osminkin and Anastasia Vepreva, Mika Motskobili.

Curators: Maria Veits and Stefan Frank.

Partners: ( | depart UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Dresden (Germany) and Kultura Medialna NGO Dnipro, (Ukraine)