Art Meetings

Date: 5 November 2016.

Location: Dnipro.


Art Meetings is an international networking project for professionals engaged in experimental and electronic music in Eastern and Central Europe.

The idea inherent in Art Meetings is creating a meeting place – a platform for mutual learning and search of inspiration for independent artists from Eastern, Western and Central Europe. Multicultural encounters occur annually in various Central and Eastern European countries Their aim is to promote independent culture and initiate international cultural cooperation.

The Art Meetings program includes live performances, music sessions and workshops. For those activities, musicians, artists, journalists, managers and representatives of different cultural institutions are invited from Europe and Ukraine, making ground for mutual inspiration and commencement of artistic collaborations.

Art Meetings took place in Dnipro on November 5th 2016 at Module Club as a partner project organized by Kultura Medialna and the Polish Foundation Eclectica (Wroclaw).




– Guido Möbius (DE);

– We will fail (PL);

– Wacław Zimpel (PL);

– T’ien Lai (PL);

– Ksztalt (UA);

– Dunaewsky69 & JbezBO (Intuitive music) (UA).