РАЗОМZUSAMMEN was a series of cultural events taking place in June 2022 in Oberhausen at kitev LEERSTAND space. The events were united by themes of solidarity between countries, unity as a way to resist the common threat – Russia’s aggressive policy.

The program included public discussions on decolonization, artistic resistance, the impact of the war on culture and architecture of Ukraine, as well as future postwar reconstruction. Together with Ukrainian experts, we talked about how the world around us changes, how we are changing with it, and in which direction we could move forward. Through screenings of documentaries and animated films, we showed the local community modern Ukrainian cinema and its features and talked about cinematography as a tool of political resistance and artistic expression.

One of the major goals of the РАЗОМZUSAMMEN project was to strengthen cooperation between the locals and the Ukrainians who were forced to flee to Germany due to the war. Realizing the importance of connections between communities, we organized events that would be an opportunity to find like-minded people and communicate with each other. We held different types of events like workshops, film screenings, discussions, colletive cooking , and having joint dinners.

The project was created in cooperation with Kultura Medialna, Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture, and kitev. Implemented with the support of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM), Bundesverbandes Soziokultur, NEUSTART KULTUR.