Construction x Sonica: the sound of surroundings

Date: September 24-26, 2021.

Location: Dnipro.


Construction x Sonica: the sound of surroundings is a collaboration of the British and Ukrainian festivals of audiovisual art Sonica and Construction. As a result of the project, the audience had the opportunity to get acquainted with the sound and AV installations of Ukrainian and British artists. In particular, performances by British producer Alex Smoke, composer and media artist Sonia Killmann, American-British artist Heather Lander, British audiovisual artist Kathy Hinde, and Ukrainian musicians Dmytro Reshetov, Hanna Bryzhata and Maryana Klochko were presented.


Construction and Sonica are festivals not only about music, art and the city but also about the exchange of experiences, collective creation and transformation. Through joint projects, the organizers aimed to increase the visibility of artists, musicians and creative communities, which currently suffer from a lack or limited opportunities to present their work, and sometimes to express themselves freely. The format of cooperation with an emphasis on new technologies and digital art also demonstrated the potential of culture as a catalyst for technological progress.


Audiovisual installations and other art projects could be seen in various locations of Dnipro, including the Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture, the Palace of Children and Youth and the Organ Hall.


The project Construction x Sonica: the sound of surroundings was implemented under the program Culture for Change with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (Ukraine) and the British Council (UK).


Photos by Mariia Kostenko.