“A search for places suited for life”

International Project for Creative Urbanistics in Dnipro



October-November 2014 — intensive educational course.

May 2015 — research trip to Berlin.


Location: Dnipro/Berlin.


Urbanautica means a voyage of exploration in the city. Before becoming disillusioned about one’s own habitat and starting a Mars colony, it is worth glancing at your home city as a living organism and identifying its points of pulsating energy.

Urbanautica means a program for research of local communities and artistic practices in public space for young architects, designers, sociologists and artists.

Two months of lectures and workshops offered by 7 experienced professionals from Germany, Hungary, Poland and other European countries. City building secrets from Dnipro coordinators. Direct contacts with people planning the city’s future. And the participants’ mini projects in the public space of Dnipro.


Topics covered by the intensive educational course:

– Public space in the cities, its properties and functions;

– Relations between the private and public sectors

– Temporary versus Permanent;

– Grassroots initiatives, role of local communities, micro policies;

– Basic revitalization methods, economic and social benefits;

– Post-Soviet and post-industrial communities. Old resources and new opportunities. Ways of development;

– Urban ecosystem, sustainable development, re/upcycling of buildings, global value;

– Art in the public space (media art, installations, performances) as a medium for creative dialogue and social self-expression.


Project Manager — Julia Ovcharenko

Overseas experts: Malgorzata Cwikla (Poland), Christine Rahn and Juliane Rahn (Germany), Thomas Dumke (Germany).

Coordinators in Dnipro: Olena Chertilina, Anna Vasylieva, Anna Marchenko, Yevgen Vasyliev.

Partners: Robert Bosch Cultural Managers Network.