Youth – Active – City

Date: September – December 2018, March – June 2019.

Location: Dnipro.


Training Program in Civic Engagement and Creativity for Young People


During 2018-2019 one hundred participants took an intensive course in Creativity – Action – Development – Communication, learning to transform their ideas into actions, apply creative practices and interact with the urban environment, and also engage in civic activities. Prominent Ukrainian and foreign experts shared their hands-on experience and useful knowledge. Having completed the module, the program participants had the opportunity to implement their own projects, undertake internships with public organizations and creative industries of Dnipro and take part in educational trips to other Ukrainian cities.

The program’s content focuses on civic activity, growth of local communities, interactions with urban space, new media, journalism, creative and artistic practices, collaboration and cooperation. And most importantly – contacts and ties integral to a proactive life attitude in one’s home city.


Autumn module, September – December 2018: civic engagement, work with urban environment, critical thinking, creativity, self-expression, design thinking, project management, art practices.

Spring module, March – June 2019: new media and technologies, media literacy, post-truth era communications, journalism, documentation.