Educational Program “Management of Socio-Cultural Activities”

Date: starting September 2020.

Location: Dnipro.


The Innovations and International Cooperation Office at the College of Culture and Arts (DCCA, Dnipro) is designing the educational program “Management of Socio-Cultural Activities” which will meet the professional industry-specific needs and international standards and will include modern methods and newest knowledge, offering a quick way to obtain or improve the “Culture Manager” qualification and practice new skills as part of the education process.

By creating the innovative program for the degree “Management of Socio-Cultural Activities” we would like to provide students with the opportunity to study up-to-date methods of managing cultural institutions and organizations, project management and self-management. We believe it is important not only to teach how to preserve and impart traditional knowledge but also how to develop the capacity to produce new things, analyze the environment and be in international contexts, to create concepts and transform them into projects.

The program aims to nurture professionals with a critical thinking, fresh opinions, leadership skills, willingness to identify and address existing problems and a capacity to adapt to the dynamic cultural environment. Emphasis is made on the development of contemporary cultural activities, arts, management and marketing in institutions and projects in the socio-cultural domain.

We are committed to creating an educational program adapted to the today’s world which will help change the condition of the local cultural ambience, form an effective platform for educational growth and establish international partnerships. This process is equally important for Dnipro and for Ukraine at large.


Designed by: Julia Ovcharenko, Iryna Polikarchuk, Andriy Palash, Inna Rudkevvych.