Istochnik zarazy Podcast

Date: November-December 2021.

Location: Dnipro / online.


Istochnik zarazy is a series of audio conversations about the magazine NASH, published in Dnipro from 1998 to 2007. During its existence, NASH had featured gonzo articles, reviews of rare cultural phenomena, program texts on postmodernism and anarchism, essays and columns. The visual design of the magazine, its bright covers, made in different techniques, and experiments with the layout to this day distinguish NASH from all other Ukrainian publications.


In each episode, journalist and artist Lera Malchenko talks to NASH’s editor Max Shevtsov and art director Igor Nikolayenko to understand how NASH became possible, for whom it was published, and what it really was — an art project, a zine, a samizdat, or a punk magazine.


The podcast consists of 4 episodes about key authors and heroes, critics, personal utopias, the Nashatyr festival, samizdat and punk.


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Design: Igor Nikolaenko

Sound: Max Andruh