Between spaces and places: introduction to urban studies

Date: October-November 2021.

Location: Dnipro.


From October 9 to November 13, Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture hosted the program Between spaces and places: introduction to urban studies. The program’s participants had the opportunity to attend the urban experts’ lectures, take part in various workshops and conduct field research.


Between spaces and places: an introduction to urban studies is a program designed to explore how modern cities function and develop. For six weeks, students critically analyzed the processes that change urban landscapes, reflected on their experiences of living in a city, and explored how the urban environment affects local communities and them personally. Working with the context of Dnipro, the program aimed to explore individual and collective rights to the city.


The course consisted of seven lectures and four workshops by Ukrainian and German experts, as well as field research. Cedos Center analyst and housing policy expert Pavlo Fedoriv, sociologist and researcher of urban political economy Alyona Lyasheva, city researcher and sociologist Mariia Gryshchenko, specialist in spatial development, urban expert Vaidym Denysenko, city-maker Leona Lainen, architect and co-founder curator of the city laboratory MetaLab Anna Pashinska, as well as a participant in the initiative Volksentscheid Berlin Autofrei Anna Baz shared their own experience, theoretical insights and practical approaches to urban studies with students.



Photos by Mariia Kostenko.