Teper Podcast

Date: February-March 2021.

Location: Dnipro / online.


The Teper Podcast is a series of interviews with Dnipro artists, curators and musicians. The project combines different views on the past and potential future of the region and captures the current state of the cultural environment.


The author of the project is an artist and journalist Lera Malchenko. As part of the podcast, she talks to various artists about local contexts: the eclecticism and grandiosity of Dnipro, the rhythm of the city and its myths, industrial landscapes and the totalitarian past. This is a story about where we’ve been and where we are now.


The project participants include:


– animator Mykyta Lyskov;

– Anastasia Omelych and Eugene Obraztsov from studio 12345678910, working at the intersection of design, architecture and artistic practices;

– co-founders of cultural and educational hub Ksi Prostir Iva Naidenko and Nadiya Koval;

– member and co-founder of the Dnipropop label Yevhen Gordeev,

– curator and co-founder of the Construction Festival Kateryna Rusetska,

– music band Elektrohazosvarshchyky: Ivan Golub, Danylo Oliynyk, Kyrylo Rodovych.


The podcast was created at the Digital Media Lab of the Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture with the support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Goethe Institute, the Fischer Foundation and the Robert Bosch Stiftung.


Sound — Maxim Andrukh.

Design — Numo Team


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