POMIZH Podcast

POMIZH is a media outlet and a podcast about culture during the war. In the Ukrainian language, “pomizh” means “in-between”. 

Journalists Olia Vasylets and Dinara Khalilova talk with Ukrainian cultural workers about their work before and after the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, new projects, goals and how they see Ukrainian identity. Thus, we try to understand the role of culture in wartime, and how it responds to new challenges and affects society.

Through conversations with musicians, writers, artists, filmmakers, architects, and other cultural figures, POMIZH podcast attempts to document the state of uncertainty in which we all find ourselves now, and to find a vector in which Ukrainian society can move forward.

“It is important that even now, in times of full-scale war, we have the opportunity to speak and take some first steps towards understanding this experience. We try to record the state of the country, regions, and people; to collect stories of this, I hope, quick, intermediate stage, changes and transformations, while they are still fresh and not forgotten. That’s what our podcast is about. Different cultural spheres, experiences, and geography. Different people gathered in conversations in POMIZH ,” says Olia Vasylets.

The podcast was recorded in the media laboratory of Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture.

Project team: Olia Vasylets, Dinara Khalilova, Alina Stamenova, Kateryna Skipochka, Andrii Palash. Sound: Max Andrukh.


Supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).