Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture

Date: Under development.

Location: Dnipro.


The Center for Contemporary Culture is an international level cultural institution that is being established in Dnipro. It is set to become a platform for international cooperation, continuous work with the local context, activities to shape the city’s creative community, experience exchange and collaborations between artists and experts. We plan to represent new technologies and media, contemporary art and informal education, using various formats. The building will be home to several public spaces: gallery, media zone, modern library, co-working area, events facility for music or theater, lecture hall, offices for other cultural institutions, ateliers and café.


The Center for Contemporary Culture is a new point of gravitation that will help reconsider the history of Dnipro with its closed nature and almost complete detachment from global cultural processes. This is a response to challenges faced by cities in which the past is inextricably connected to industrial production, while the future is unknown and blurred. We thus attempt to perceive our own historic and cultural heritage, formulate new senses and myths, find our voice in the international context and integrate in the global cultural process.

We have been designing the concept of the future Center for Contemporary Culture for a long time now. The main objective is to develop the city’s cultural scene. It is simply non-existent on Europe’s cultural map, and in the local perception as well. Artists, journalists, architects, musicians and young people involved in creative industries do not stay long here. There is too little space, air, culture, opportunities, there are no stable communities. We are committed to changing that.


The Center for Contemporary Culture should become a place that will help improve the city’s appeal, establish international contacts and retain creative youth. Dnipro has a strong potential to become a cultural point, not only on Ukraine’s map but on that of Europe as well. It is here that a relevant cultural product could be shaped, providing foundation for the city’s new image and identifying Ukraine in general. Using the medium of art and culture we will talk about ideas and issues which are of concern to the society.

The Center will occupy the former premises of a local government office – a building of historical and architectural value. We intend to revitalize it, fill it with new meaning and show how its functions can change.

Our values are: openness, inclusiveness, democracy, freedom, critical thinking, environmental, kids and pets friendliness, interdisciplinarity, multiculturality, professionalism, innovation and relevance.